A contactless food pickup locker for customers and delivery runners

Need for delivery exploded due to the pandemic in order to safely and conveniently meet our clients' needs and serve campus communities.
Design Principles
Think end to end
For many companies, experience is the product but Compass Group serves a different function that's the cafe experience of people and things in the physical world. 
When I think about the food pickup and delivery journey, I need to go beyond the platform/app and think about the actions and decisions that a user might make both physical world and also consider what happens before, during and after the journey.
We need to bring together diverse perspectives including people from different offices and roles. We are serving a dual audience. clients and their customers, so there're many dots to connect along the way. Everyone is aligned on a common shared goal, through weekly meetings, design sprints, brainstorming sessions, and collaborate on Figma.
Scaleable Framework
Compass Group serves over 3 billion meals per year in award winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and more. Everything we do needs to be flexible and ductile at scale.
User Needs
User Journeys
Provided awareness of Foodlocker & Delivery products and wholistic view of how products work together and user experience overlaps each other. Coordinated a serious of Design Jam remote workshop. Collaborated with Designers. Developers and Researchers.

Entire Foodlocker touchpoint mapping without integration

Humber College and Chartwells Canada Launch Pilot for Food Delivery Lockers https://www.compass-canada.com/humber-college-and-chartwells-canada-launch-pilot-for-food-delivery-lockers/
Pilot results
$103,000 in Delivery Sales in a month!
• $14.96 average check
• +$20,000 in delivery fees
•9.5 transactions per user
• Gourmet milk shares - 59% order increased!

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