Led Back of House(BOH) experience, including Admin Panel, Foodlocker, Autonomous delivery robot, Delivery runner App and Kitchen Display System, etc. The CDL BOH Suite consists of different modules positioned to offer a one stop shop to: launch, manage and grow the success of our clients digital products within their café. We are focused on empowering our back of house site operators, as the success of our consumer facing products requires buy-in from our on site teams. 
At CDL, I worked on projects at the intersection of physical and digital such as designing the human interaction with an autonomous delivery robot and imagining a new delivery experience for both operators and customers. 
I was leading the experience of Delivery and Back of House experience across platforms. My team member including 1 Senior Product Designer and 1 Intermediate Product Designer. I am building and developing a high-performance design team in a fast-paced organization.

I am happy to chat about my leadership skills and how I coaching designers and managing projects, driving UX strategies in the interview. 

Additionally, I was consistently introducing new ways to our UX team including reshape the design process, create team templates, define the design review framework, etc. I am able to inspire our team by sharing external events, articles and resources.
Autonomous Delivery Robot
Compass Digital Labs brought a challenge that we couldn't pass — creating a solution for the Higher Education sector delivery using a robot as the courier. 
Working closely with the vendor tech team, I'm designing new experiences and interactions to overcome the stigma around robots today and deliver food more efficiently. View more about this project. 
RESULTS until may 2021
1. Late Night Delivery drove 19% higher average check & optimized staff
Delivery accounted for 3% of all sales in Q2, up from 1% in Q1. (70% of sales came from UMass)
Q2 average check for delivery orders 69% higher than pick-up*
*$0 transactions removed

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