What is Chowbus?
Chowbus is a food delivery platform that makes getting great Asian food from people's favourite local restaurants easier. Whether people are craving dim sum, dumplings or bubble tea, they could find the dishes quickly through the full menus of the local Asian restaurants. Chowbus is offering a unique subscription membership and reward program.
Who is the key user?
• People who love to have authentic Asian food in North America
• Young people who are comfortable to order food online and pay subscription membership digitally
User's critical goal to use the App
Order authentic Asian food quickly with a low deliver fee.
Key interactions
App major pages within 3 tabs.
Unique features
The reward program encourages customers to frequently order from local authentic restaurants that need the business.
Membership program
Order food process
Chat Bot
Review orders
Thoughtful user experience
Filtering and sorting
What is likely to make user happy? 
Product Perspective
1. Affordable membership program with free 30 days trial
2. Allows users to order from multiple restaurants in one go
3. Multiple payment methods available
4. App is fully functional, such as Notifications, Reward program, Pick up, etc.
5. Easy to find the help section and customer service bot available 24/7
6. This company only accepts authentic independent restaurants—no big chains here
7. Schedule orders for tomorrow
Design Perspective
1. Easy, intuitive and very quick searching
2. Large and clear food images
3. In-app tips available everywhere, such as address distance notice, new items available, reminders, etc.
4. Color usage is simple and easy to identify call to actions
5. Sort and filter functions are well designed
6. Browsing menus without login 
7. Multiple languages in setting
Opportunities to improve

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