My Role
Design Lead, Research, Collaborating with Postmates team, etc. 
As the Product Design Lead, my job is to consider all touchpoints that the robots have with people, both physical and digital. First, there are the customers who use our Core Apps(Boost & Thrive) to order something.

Then, there are the operators who want to deliver food, and we sign them up for robots on top of the traditional delivery network. For each delivery between a single station and customer, there maybe have hundreds of people who will experience the robot as it travels around sites. 

We have this device out there in the world, among people who most likely have never seen it and yet need to negotiate with and around it. We can treat people like obstacles, or we can try to put a smile on their face, or even help them out in certain circumstances. I need to consider operators, customers, and the public through the design process.

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